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10 year Anniversary Celebration of Dancing Fire Wood Kiln

The 10-year anniversary of the building of the Dancing Fire Wood Kiln at the Solano Community College was celebrated on September 23rd, 2008. This kiln was built by Masakazu Kusakabe and Marc Lancet and lots of other people. They describe the process of the building of this kiln in their book: “Japanese Wood-Fired Ceramics”. See my blog from Sept. 26, 08 and other Kusakabe-san blogs.

I drove up to the Solano College from my home. There was quite some traffic, especially on the Bay Bridge and around Berkeley, but I got there just in time for the opening speeches and the Taiko drums, which have this wonderful rhythmical deep sound.

The filling of the kiln before the celebration. Also, the firing started before, so that during the celebration the temperature was already around 1800 F. First, it was quite hot, but in the evening it became nice cozy and warm.

Drawing by Kusakabe-san: Angels protecting the Dancing Fire kiln.

The Kiln is closed: “Your redness is me, my yellowness to you”.

And the firing can start! First in the firebox down in front and slowly deeper in the kiln.

The firebox is closed now and the firing through the front door can start.

Marc opens the celebration with Kusakabe-san.

8) Kusakabe talking_1,jpg

Kusakabe-san talks about the kiln.

A friend reads some poems, especially the Japanese kiln poem.

Then the Taiko drums sound with their celebration songs!

The Lion dances his celebration dance!

Then there was a delicious banquet with all kind of foods and in the Gallery a wonderful exposition with all wood fired art work!

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