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Horsehair- and Red Ware Sept. 08

I made some new Horsehair- and Red Ware during my weeks in the US in August and September.

A lot happened. I went to San Diego to visit my oldest son Roland and celebrate his 1/4 of century birthday and to watch my youngest son, Arjan, play water polo in the USC team. He is a senior already and he is amazed about it himself. The USC team is still no.1 of the US and they are working and winning hard at it. It is always a competition between the four colleges of USC, Stanford, UCLA and CAL.
Then my sister came all the way driving down from Vancouver with her husband. We had some fun days together.
And then of course my meeting with Kusakabe-san and Marc Lancet. I told about it in the 2 former blogs.

So, some of my work.Off-center Dot-Com Horsehair plate,72_1

Off-center Dot.Com Horsehair Plate

Off-center Feather Horsehair plate,72_1

Off-center Feather Horsehair Plate

Pentagram Horsehair vessel,72_1

Pentagram Horsehair Vessel

Star Horsehair Vessel,72_1

Star Horsehair Vessel

Frontpage horsehair plate

Great, incredibly beautiful for candle flame reflection in water horsehair plate.

2 handle red  teapot,72 _1

Two handle red Teapot

Male   Female cup,72_1

Male and Female cups

Tokkuri set Choko,72_1

Tokkuri (sake bottle), 2 guinomi and 1 ochokko

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