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My exhibition at Koyasan

Outside Koyasan show frontpage_1

Mount Koya (Koyasan) is a 900 meter high plateau surrounded by eight peaks. The eight peaks are thought to represent the eight petals of a lotus in bloom, which is suggestive of the core of a mandala with its eight deities arrayed on the eight petals of a lotus, and with the central Buddha at the center of the lotus.

Mount Koya is the sacred center of Shingon Buddhism. In the year 804, Kobo Daishi (Kukai) crossed the sea to China in search of Buddhist teachings. In the capital of Tang Dynasty China he received the full transmission of a lineage of Buddhism relatively unknown in the Japan of his day called Shingo Buddhism. He returned to Japan in 806 and began teaching. In 816 he was granted permission of the Imperial Court to build a monastic complex at Mt. Koya.

The “Happymaker” Festival started with the idea from Ayako Utsumi and Shinobu Hada to bring people together with special interests in the art and bringing this art, which can have all kind of forms, into the local community to be enjoyed and experienced by young and old: “making everybody Happy”! This was the second year. It frees the mind and stimulates compassion and shows the beauty in all.

I got a wonderful place assigned for my exhibition at the Ekoin: such a beautiful place and lots of light and my work outside in the yard with the birds singing: being in harmony!

1a) Ekoin entrance_1

The entrance front gate of Ekoin.1c)Entrance temple shokubu_1

The entrance of the temple.1b) Pond near entrance Ekoin_1

The Koi pond near the entrance.1e) Walkway to show_1
Walkway to my exhibition passing a big hall with beautiful sliding doors “Fusuma” with cranes “Shiratori” painted on them.

1f) On the way to the show_1

Two pieces in a little outdoor corner in between rooms.

2)Whole show_1
The show with Horsehair ware and Kamakura Red ware.

2c) Horsehair display_1

2d) Horsehair display_2

2e) Red ware_1

2ea) Red teapot_1

2f) Show outside_1

2g) Outside red chalice_1

Outside in the contrasting greenery: red and green being each other’s complementary color.

2h) Outside in stream_1

And in a little stream.

And a YOU TUBE video of my exhibition:EXHIBITION at EKOIN, KOYASAN.

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