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Kamakura-Red Ware inspired by Kamakura Bori

Before I left for the USA on March the 2nd, I just had finished my new Kamakura-Red Ware inspired by Kamakura Bori (woodcarving). I took pictures and was able to finish my second booklet of Ceramics Adventures in Japan II “Kamakura-Red” and got it all printed. But only now I find the time to put the pictures on my blog, because I had so much to do in the US after not having been there for half a year!

So, here we go!

This teapot was inspired by the tea set of my grandfather (see the blog entry of February 2nd).

Kamakura-Red “Angel” Teapot, 18,5cm x 10cm x 15 cm high, 7,5″ x 4″ x 6″.

“Wave” Kamakura-Red Bowl, 12cm X 7cm high, 4,5″ x 2,5″.

“Toward the Middle” Kamakura Red Plate, 21cm x 5,5cm; 8,5″ x 2″.

“Four Season” Kamakura Red Vase, 10cm x 10cm; 4″ x 4″.

“Circle of Life” Kamakura Red teapot, 22cm x 12cm x 14cm high; 8,5″ x 4,75″ x 5,25″.

“Moving Line” Kamakura Red Cup, 7,5cm x 8,5cm; 3″ x 3,25″.

“Owl” Kamakura Red Vase, 7cm x 11cm high; 2,5″ x 4,5″.

“Abstract Line” Kamakura Red Cup, 9,5cm x 8cm; 4″ x 3″.

“Lucky #8″ Kamakura Red Plate, 20cm x 20cm; 8″ x 8”.

“Lucky #8″ Kamakura Red Chalice, 12cm x 12 cm x 14cm high; 4,5″ x 4,5″ x 5,25”.

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