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This year I won The HONORABLE MENTION AWARD for the DUO Ferric HORSEHAIR Box Set in the 10th Ceramics International Competition of Mino Japan. Please see the link: http://swanceramics.com/2014/08/04/2014-mino-honorable-mention-award-for-the-duo-ferric-horsehair-boxes/

Other then that I have been busy and will still be busy with moving. We decided to renovate our Dutch home and move back partially. We sold our Los Altos home and divided the goods: for the San Francisco apartment, for the US storage and for the container which still needs to be shipped to Holland where it will arrive in the beginning of January 2015. I oversee the renovation which started in June. In July we moved out of our Los Altos home and organized the moving out and moving in in the apartment. I sold my workshop in the US and ship of course a lot to Holland. Furthermore I am busy with the designs of the doors of the house, windows, kitchen and bathroom and so much more from flooring to curtains and lighting, cabinets etc.

In the basement I will have my new workshop and gallery and hope to continue my work as soon as possible.

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