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“Artists without Borders” charity organized by Steve Tootell at the International School of Sacred Heart in Tokyo, July 2008.

– The “Tile” Project, Destination: THE WORLD organized by the Transcultural Exchange Organization. 22 new public art works areĀ  installed around the globe for which over 100 artists, from over 40 countries, donated tiles as a testament that global cooperation is possible.

Tile BejingTile India

This tile is installed at the Kanoria Center for Art in Ahmedabad, India.

“Everywhere in the world the sun always comes up and shines”.

This tile is installed at the KU Art Center in Beijing, China.

Red teapot poster
– My “Red TEAPOT” was put on a poster called “100 contemporary teapots of west” made by Guangzhen Zhou from Chinese Clay Art in San Jose, CA USA, from a collection of 400 teapots from six exhibitions from 2001 to 2009.

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