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Posted in Blog on April 5, 2013

Terracotta Warriors-Asian Art Museum

Two weeks ago I went to the exposition of the Terracotta Warriors in the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. General Terracotta Warrior.  The elaborate underground palaces and formidable terracotta army of China’s First Emporor, buried for more than 2,000 years, are perhaps the ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on February 13, 2013

Trip to the Snow Festival in Sapporo, Hokkaido

  Last Sunday, Adriaan and I went to Sapporo on the northern island of Japan Hokkaido to the Snow Festival “Yuki Matsuri”. It was my belated birthday present and a good way still to see something from Japan before we leave this great place at the end of this m ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on October 30, 2012

Super trees in Singapore’s ‘Gardens by ...

On my way to Japan I am visiting Singapore and Jakarta. In Singapore I did go to “The Gardens by the Bay”. This is a forest made of concrete and steel like an urban jungle. Eighteen man-made trees can create their own energy and try to recreate green. The trees have ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on August 31, 2012

Bernard Leach Exposition Tokyo

  Yesterday, I went with my friends Lara and Presila to the exposition of Bernard Leach In the Takashimaya store in Tokyo. This exhibition celebrates his life 125 years after his birth and is a reflection on the significance of Leach’s life as a “bridge between ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on April 19, 2012

Sakura in Kyoto

I am back in the US after 51/2 weeks in Japan. I had a great exhibition. A lot of friends and people came all interested in my Kamakura-Red ceramic art. I had some good talks. Also, the Mashiko charity display got quite some attention and had some good results in donations for th ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on March 5, 2012

Flower of Life Design in Herod’s Palace

In February in between treatments I was in Japan for 2 1/2 weeks. It was not easy to go back, but when I was there I felt completely at home again and it was 100% alright. I was very busy: administration, financing, preparing my show for the end of March, arranging a treatment fo ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on April 9, 2010

My story in a Japanese book

Yuki Shibazaki-san, the owner of the Ginsuzu Gallery, is a writer. She published a book about the influence of the Japanese culture on the way of life of 43 foreigners living in Japan and I am one of them. The title is: “Watashi Nihon no koko ga suki”: I like Japa ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on January 10, 2010

To Stockholm with my son Maarten

After New Years I went to Stockholm with my son Maarten to see where he lives. He does cancer research at the Karolinska Institutet for his Masters for 8 months. He lives again in one room after living in a bigger apartment, but it is still quite big. It also snowed in Stockholm ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on January 1, 2010

New Years Celebration in The Netherlands

New Years Eve celebrations in Holland are as divers as the people, but with the recent economical situation a lot of people go back to old traditions like having the party at home, watching TV or playing boardgames together. My sister-in-law Inge, my son Roland and niece Esmee. ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on December 8, 2009

Marguerite Kamakura Bori Tray

This Kamakura Bori tray I found in an antique shop here in Kamakura. It has a beautiful Marguerite flower design on it and the texture around the flower brings everything in balance and harmony. This texture is typical for Kamakura Bori ware. You clearly see the black lacquer la ... Continue Reading

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