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Posted in Blog on October 30, 2012

Super trees in Singapore’s ‘Gardens by ...

On my way to Japan I am visiting Singapore and Jakarta. In Singapore I did go to “The Gardens by the Bay”. This is a¬†forest made of concrete and steel like an urban jungle. Eighteen man-made trees can create their own energy and try to recreate green. The trees have ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on April 19, 2012

Sakura in Kyoto

I am back in the US after 51/2 weeks in Japan. I had a great exhibition. A lot of friends and people came all interested in my Kamakura-Red ceramic art. I had some good talks. Also, the Mashiko charity display got quite some attention and had some good results in donations for th ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on March 5, 2012

Flower of Life Design in Herod’s Palace

In February in between treatments I was in Japan for 2 1/2 weeks. It was not easy to go back, but when I was there I felt completely at home again and it was 100% alright. I was very busy: administration, financing, preparing my show for the end of March, arranging a treatment fo ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on August 5, 2011

Flower of Life Engravings

Today, (Monday, August the 1st) I had my 3rd chemo. Everything went well. You are there the whole day, but they take good care of you. The medications also keeps you going. So, I quickly want to show you some pictures of the decorations I finished on 3 big plates. They are still ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on April 17, 2009

In Miharu at Kusakabe-san’s house

It is evening and I hear the frogs croak really loud like a whole orchestra! I arrived here in Miharu, Fukushima last Tuesday to work, throw some pots, at Kusakabe-san’s place and fire a kiln. Miharu means “Three spring”: the first 3 blossoms in spring are: plum ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on April 14, 2009

Just in time for Sakura!

After being in the US for a while, I finally returned to Kamakura, Japan. Three years ago when we moved partially to Kamakura, we were just in time to see some “Sakura” and the Spring parade. It was a wonderful start to enter Japan. Now again, after making the decisi ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on October 22, 2008

Japanese Gardens

When I go to my friends on the other side of Kamakura, I bicycle over the grounds of the Hachimangu Shrine. The atmosphere is great and relaxing, especially, when you pass the very big pond. But there are always people and sometimes big crowds and lots of schoolchildren. They com ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on May 12, 2008

Flowers from the US garden

I took some pictures of the flowers from my garden in the US. And finally, the bird of paradise is blooming. I had put the plant in a too dark corner with not much sun, but now after 5 years it is beautiful! Bird of Paradise Flower. Some beautiful Geraniums. And the Irises sta ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on May 2, 2008

Visiting Roland in San Diego

Last weekend, I visited my oldest son, Roland, in San Diego. It was a great weekend. I started out with visiting Balboa Park, which is a cultural complex. Besides open areas and natural vegetation, it contains a variety of cultural attractions including museums, theaters, gardens ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on April 2, 2008

Cherry Blossoms "Sakura" in Tokyo

The last couple of days, I also walked around in Tokyo and you find the most beautiful amazing parks. The next pictures are taken at the Kitanomaru National Garden “Koen” at the Imperial grounds and the Yasukuni Shrine “Jinja”. Just incredible! This is pa ... Continue Reading

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