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Posted in Blog on August 19, 2012

Back in Japan

I am back in Japan for 3 weeks and it has been a while that I wrote a blog. It is wonderful to be back and we walk a lot on the Zaimokuza beach, where we live in Kamakura. It is quite hot and muggy and I find that difficult. But luckily in our little house we have air conditioni ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on May 28, 2012

My Sunday at the De Young Museum in San Francisco

2 Weeks ago I went to San Francisco to see 2 expositions at the De Young Museum. The first one was about Stephen De Staebler             (1933 – 2011): “Matter + Spirit”, who created for more than 50 years figurative sculpture from clay. Drawing inspirat ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on February 2, 2012

Taking of my hat! :) :)

Thanks to all my family and friends for their help and support during the last couple of months! I am taking off my hat for you all! 🙂  My hair is growing back all curly! We had a wonderful time in Israel. Really an incredible country with so much ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on November 14, 2011

Beautiful autumn colors!

This morning I received my next Herceptin treatment. The nurse Denise helped me very well and I was quickly done(2 hours). Otherwise, I start to heal from the radiation and my hair is growing back: a very short bold hairstyle!!! During my drive home I photographed some trees with ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on October 22, 2011

New spray booth

Two weeks ago I received my new spray booth. The old one was too small for my big work. I can use it now after some minor installation problems. In the meantime, it is almost a month ago that I wrote a blog. I have been very busy. First of course, I have my radiation every weekd ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on August 28, 2011


Last week, Adriaan, our son Maarten and I went to Yosemite National Park, which is south of Lake Tahoe and about a 4 hour drive from the Bay Area, where we live. Maarten and Adriaan went up the Vernon Falls and the Neveda Falls, which took them about 5 hours. It was a great ex ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on August 16, 2011

A wonderful surprise

Last weekend, all my three boys were there. I knew that my middle son Maarten would come from Stockholm on Sunday night, because of his travel, but then my oldest son Roland arrived from San Diego last Friday night and suddenly, my youngest son Arjan and his fiancee Katie from C ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on August 5, 2011

Flower of Life Engravings

Today, (Monday, August the 1st) I had my 3rd chemo. Everything went well. You are there the whole day, but they take good care of you. The medications also keeps you going. So, I quickly want to show you some pictures of the decorations I finished on 3 big plates. They are still ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on July 10, 2011

Kamakura-Red Dutch scarf

All my hair is gone. I looked very old and sick with just some hair and bold patches, so, Adriaan helped me with shaving it off.  It looks much better and young again and Adriaan thinks I am a model now! 🙂 I get to play with lots of scarfs, hats and wigs and this one is a Du ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on July 6, 2011

Koyasan and losing my hair

This week, I would have had an exposition during the “Happymaker” Festival at Koyasan, a sacred center of the Shingon Buddhism. Mount Koya is a 900 meter high plateau surrounded by eight peaks. The eight peaks are thought to represent the eight petals of a lotus in ... Continue Reading

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