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In January we decided to stay longer in Japan and to make a workshop for me in Kamakura. First, we looked at several bigger houses, but when the landlord was willing to build a shed for the kiln and spray booth next to our house, we decided to stay. In August of that year, I send one of my electric kilns on a ship to Yokohama. Sadly, I decided to leave the Gallery House in Palo Alto. I had learned so many things there and met so many wonderful people.

The big award in 2009 was that my “Red TEAPOT” was accepted in the International Contemporary Teapot Exhibition with the title: “Beyond the Function”. The exhibition was in the French Designer Gallery of French Thompson in Scottsdale, Arizona and concurrent with the NCECA (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts) conference to be held in Phoenix from 8 – 11 April, 2009 in USA. And the teapot was put on a poster of “One hundred Contemporary Teapots of the West” by Chinese Clay Art, Guangzhen “Po” Zhou, who had also organized the exhibition.

I continued with my horsehair work and my “Golden Lotus Horsehair Vessel” was accepted by the San Diego Art Institute: Museum of the Living Artist in their 50th International Juried Awards Exhibition.

Then in July I had an exhibition at Koyasan, the holy mountain of Japan of Kamakura Redware and Horsehair work. Please, read my blogs from July, 2009. http://swanceramics.com/2009/07/17/my-exhibition-at-koyasan/

For the first time, a Kamakura-Red piece: The “Peony” Vase was accepted at the Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair in November 2009 in China and donated to the Jingdezhen Ceramic Art Museum. Look at the Exhibition page under the News/Events section.

Some other work is the “Japonica” Kamakura-Red Vase and the “Flower” Kamakura-Red Chalice.

In November I had my first exhibition in Kamakura at the Ginzusu Gallery. All the Kamakura-Red work was made in my Kamakura workshop! I presented my first “Kamakura-Red Ware” inspired by the engraving of the Kamakura Bori, wood carving technique. Also, my doubled handed “Kamakura-Red Bamboo” Teapot was accepted in the China 2010 2nd Shanghai International Modern Pot Art Biennial Exhibition for April/May 2010.

“Kamakura-Red Rectangular Plate”

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