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On Saturday November 27, 2010 my ceramics exhibition at the Toko Gallery in Mashikon opened. The title is: “Wings, Love is a bird she needs to fly”.

He is a professional dancer and choreographer and designed his dance on the “Expressions” song.



In August I started to work on making Horsehair wings especially to make some big sculptural ones. I succeeded quite well and the blacksmith is welding the standard at the moment as I write this. But the firing is done.

During the summer I stayed in Japan. The weather was hot and humid, but living next to the sea with its breeze and especially, being able to visit the beach restaurants in the evening during the setting of the sun, made it very bearable. I worked on my Kamakura-Red ware, especially the big Japonica Vase for the Alexander Salazar Fine Arts Gallery in San Diego. Adriaan took it there in the overhead bin of the airplane. I brought a wonderfully succeeded plate.

Then I worked on a sculptural plate to make a big wave on a plate after the famous Hokusai Ukiyo-e (woodblock) print of “The Great Wave” here on the coast of  the Kanagawa prefecture where I live. I felt inspired by those big waves of the ocean.

The Shanghai Teapot Biennale Competition and Exhibition stimulated my research for other forms of teapots. The “Angel” Kamakura Red teapot was inspired by the rediscovery of the work of my goldsmith grandfather, who had made a teapot in the Art Deco style . Then I got a call from Holland if I had some work for the exhibition of my goldsmith uncle and grandfather, which was also meant for artists of the whole family. So, now my “Angel” teapot is exhibited in the “Valkhof Museum” in Nijmegen together with my uncle and grandfather.

In February TV Kanagawa came to my house to make a documentary about my work, especially the “Kamakura-Red” glaze and the special engraving on my work inspired by the Kamakura Bori wood carving.

So, please, enjoy some more work with this new decorative style.

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