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I write about this year in 2014. Remembering this year is not so difficult.
I would have had a show at the end of March in Kamakura Japan. Before that I returned for 2 weeks to the USA to see my sons and prepare the taxes. Adriaan would arrive the 14th in the US from Japan.

Then the terrible disaster happened in the Japan on the 11th: the earthquake, the tsunami and Fukushima nucleair disaster (which is still leaking). Adriaan was able to make it home. We thought of all our friends who had to undergo and deal with this terrible situation. I canceled my show. People were just trying to survive and were not thinking about art.

Then I discovered I had breast cancer and fell myself in a roller coaster of examinations, operations and treatments during that year and 2012.

I was going to do so much that year for my ceramics: my exhibition in March; going on a pottery China tour; having again an exposition in a temple in Koyasan

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