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Art before 2006

This page contains a selection of the many pieces I made before 2006. I lived in Palo Alto, California, and was member of some galleries, participated in art shows, fairs, and competitions and performed jobs in connection with my ceramic work like chairwoman of the Gallery House and vice president of the OVCAG. It was a wonderful experience. I learned and developed a lot and met the most amazing people. In the meanwhile, we had three boys and when the youngest went to college, we moved to Japan in 2006 and a lot of wonderful events happened since then.

To see more of my work, look on Flickr.com

This plate is thrown from low-fire red clay. A white slip is sprayed on it in leather hard stage and then engraved. Then it was bisque fired and fired a second time with a clear low fire glaze.

Pictures Copy CD 494

This is the “Waterfall Bowl”. I loved to use this design on bowls. It is playful and colorful and I added under-glaze colors to liven it up.Waterfall Bowl

The “Light in Darkness” functional pieces are yellow slip sprayed on a black slip and engraved with a clear glaze on top.

Light in Darkness Bowl

And lots of “2D Wall Art” work: a thrown plate cut in pieces, then sprayed and engraved; bisque- and glaze fired.

Shining Sun Wall Art

I love color, but then I wanted to show that when you engrave in the red clay and spray on it with a white glaze the glaze will slide of the sharp edge and show the color of the clay. Now, the white glaze was a little too white for me, so, I used and played with some under glaze colors in the violet range. I like to make 2D Wall Art and so, I made a wall composition of my thrown plates.

AWAS wallart

The red glaze was very attractive to me, so, I started with discovering and playing with all kinds of red colors. In combination with a clear glaze with yellow under glaze colorant, I got exceptional results.

red-yellow glaze amphora

In the meantime, I started to discover alternative fired art: pit-fire work, naked-raku, fumed ware and horsehair raku.

Pit-fire sphereVase Naked Raku

Blue fumed Line ChaliceHorsehair Vase

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