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4) MINO Duo Ferric Horsehair boxes_S.Ligtenberg_1



The “Honorable Mention” Award for the “Duo Ferric Horsehair Box set” at the 10th Mino International Ceramics Competition 2014.



Circles of Life Horsehair Bowl

The “Commendation Award” for the “Circles of Life” Horsehair Plate at the International Ceramics Competition Mashiko 2008.Arsia Caldera
But there was a mix-up. They chose this plate, but they put the “Arsia Caldera” in the exposition with the under-title “Circles of Life”.  So, I consider both accepted.

Mino 08 Honorable mentiion.Cosmos Horsehair Plate

The “Honorable Mention” Award for the “Cosmos” Horsehair Plate at the 8th Mino International Ceramics Competition 2008.

Mashiko 06 Judges Special Award.Four Season Horsehair Vase

The “Special Judges’ Award” for the “Four Seasons” Horsehair Vase at the International Ceramic Arts Competition Mashiko 2006.

Red River Tripod. Star artist

The “Star Award” for the “Red River Tripod” at the Art Museum of San Jose, California with the Silicon Valley Open Studios in May 2005.





Jingdezhen: The Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum, China, 2009.

The “Kamakura-Red Peony” Vase.





Shanghai: The Shanghai “Pot” Museum, China, 2010.

 The “Kamakura-Red Bamboo” Teapot.






Yixing: The Yixing Ceramic Art Museum; in their special exhibition hall for international teapots., China, 2011.

 The “Kamakura-Red Bamboo” Teapot.





Jakarta: The Museum Seni Rupa dan Keramik, Visual Art and Ceramic Museum in Jakarta, Indonesia, 2013.

The “Kamakura-Red Sakura” Plate. 


Kamakura Red Teapot NCECA

The “Kamakura Red” teapot accepted in the International Contemporary Teapot Exhibition with the title: “Beyond the Function”, concurrent with the NCECA conference to be held in Phoenix, April, 2009.

Golden Lotus Vessel

The “Golden Lotus” Horsehair Vessel accepted by the San Diego Art Institute: Museum of the Living Artist in their 50th International Juried Awards Exhibition, May, 2009.


The “California” Horsehair Plate accepted in the California Clay ‘08 exhibition with selected works from the Association of Clay and Glass Artists (ACGA) at the Fresno City College in the Art Space Gallery, 2008.

Greek Vase.Red Stream Tripod

The “Greek Vase” and “Red River Tripod” accepted in the juried show in the Olive Hyde Gallery organized by the OVCAG organization in Fremont, California in 2004.

Artery '04 Amphora

The “Amphora” accepted in the juried Exhibition of the California Clay Competition in Davis, California in May 2004.

Silent Auction.Connection Basket

The “Connection Basket” accepted in the San Jose Museum of Art for an auction related to the Silicon Valley Open Studios in 2005.

LGAM '04 Tripods

The “Red River Tripod” and the “Yellow Tripod” accepted in the juried exhibition in the Los Gatos Art Museum in 2004.

Open Heart Plate

Open Heart Plate accepted in the juried show at the Hakone Gardens in Saratoga, California, organized by the OVCAG in 2003.

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