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In this year I continued to develop my horsehair technique and made some beautiful work. But I also had quite some breakage. First, the work should not dry too fast. And when you are only for 3 weeks at home in the States then it may be difficult. Secondly, the thermal shock, when you take the piece out at 650 Celsius or 1300 Fahrenheit, from hot to cold, can cause breakage. I have some wonderful nice shards in my yard.

I won 2 awards: a Commendation Award for my horsehair plate “Life is a circle” in the Mashiko International competition and an Honorable Mention for my “Cosmos” horsehair plate in the Mino International Competition in Japan. And the “California Sun” horsehair plate was accepted in the California ’08 exhibition from the ACGA at the Fresno City College. In the meantime, exhibits with groupshows at the Gallery House in Palo Alto continued.

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